Paid for LB I get a key but the key doesn't work?

Best to ‘copy and paste’ the key, as it is very easy to get it wrong.

If that doesn’t work email and they will help

Welcome! What do you mean by “…but the key doesn’t work?”. Tell us the steps you took, and what you observed. Help us to “see” what you do. When entering your key, we find copy and paste is the best way to ensure the key is entered exactly. Some AV/Firewall software might be preventing your key from ‘checking in’ with our license servers.

We can help you, but need just a bit more to understand what you face. :slight_smile:

I entered it both ways. Says there is a time stamp problem and my trial period has expired too.

Seems to be a time stamp related problem. When I entered the key weeks ago there didn’t seem to be a problem then and I entered LB without any problem but evidently there was.
I sent an email to LB.

If the error you’re seeing is something along the lines of ‘Time Mismatch’ its likely that your PC’s clock has come out of sync with the actual time. This can be fixed easily, this post goes through how to do it on Windows: Redirecting

With that said, I’ll take a look for your email and follow up there

I’ll do that. Thanks to all.

Had to reset the computer clock, problem solved. Thanks for the help


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