Paint Shop Pro for $25.00

If you need the power of Photoshop, but cannot afford it. Here is a great alternative. And now it’s affordable.

Gimp is free:

Will Paint Shop Pro deal with vector drawings? And more importantly does it have a bitmap to vector conversion utility that is any good?

Gimp is free:

And cross platform

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So is inkscape.

I find it interesting that you mention open source as a reply to a product you pay for when we are all paying for LightBurn. :grin:

I hope you know I do not mean any offense to you, just an observation.

You can find CorelDRAW X8 Graphics Suite on eBay for under $10, which will include PhotoPaint (just the license key, no support and no updates). I use X6 so cannot comment on this version.

It’s more that PSP a Windows-only app and there’s a lot of non-windows users here.

Gimp runs on many platforms, and is free.

For image manipulation for laser engraving, it’s great.

I don’t understand the relationship with Lightburn’s commercial nature - I use the app that best suits.

I have SketchUp and Fusion 360, I have photoshop and illustrator, I have safari and chrome. The right tool for the job.