Pale Filling with cutted diagonal lines,when laser off It's still go like writing speed

I Have three question one of it is pretty major

  1. When I try fill a square,It’s pale If I set higher energy or lower speed It’s cut digaonal lines put still pale or burn out complately. In best diagonal lines cutted nearly every time
  2. When I try burn something lasers free movements like burning speed, I couldn’t change that
    Sorry for my English and thanks

Can you upload a screenshot of your design in LightBurn and also a photo of the results? Not clear what you’re experiencing.

Assuming you’re using Marlin as listed in your profile you can change traversal speed by going to Edit->Device Settings and setting “Fast whitespace scan” on and setting the speed there.

This time doesn’t cut diagonal lines. This time burn deeper on cardboard, cut on leatherette and not uniform fill.

Marlin doesn’t do variable power unless you use Inline mode so it looks like you’re getting burning at the edges of the burn.

2 things to try:

  1. If your firmware is compiled for Inline, try setting Inline in Device Settings
  2. If you cannot use inline, try increasing overscan. I’d suggest at least doubling it to see if that relieves the burning at the edges.

Inline mod works, thanks for help :slight_smile:

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