Panning with Thinkpad trackpoint

I’ve come across an interesting artifact that is possibly specific to the Thinkpad trackpoint. I’m trying to pan and zoom without a mouse and zoom is working as expected with the trackpad as well as the trackpoint. With the trackpad its the usual two finger gesture and with trackpoint its pressing down the middle button and moving the pointer up and down like a scroll wheel.

But for panning it’s supposed to be possible do to Spacebar + left click-drag. It never worked for me - the hand pointer icon would show but it would never pan. I accidentally just discovered that spacebar + clicking down on the trackpad and dragging totally works, which is so bizarre!

Has anyone experienced this? I’m thinking it may be some kind of driver difference between the trackpad and trackpoint that on some level they behave differently, but it’s pretty strange regardless. I noticed that all the neighbouring actions on the toolbar have keyboard shortcuts (zoom in/out/page, frame selection) but there’s no shortcut for pan/drag view as far as I can tell.

I’m new to the software but it’s been absolutely amazing and this isn’t a complaint in any way, just curious if anyone else has run into this or has any idea what could cause the trackpad and trackpoint to behave differently in this scenario.

Spacebar + left click drag pans on my T560. You have to press and hold spacebar first.

This is with Ubuntu 20.4 & LB V0.9.20

Hmm ok, I guess there’s just something wrong with my system. I actually just tried on another thinkpad I have and neither the trackpad or trackpoint worked on that haha.

X1 Carbon with Windows 10 Pro & LB 1.0.04 - spacebar+trackpad click drag works but spacebar + left click button doesn’t work
T520 with Windows 10 Home & LB 1.0.04 - both left click buttons don’t work (the above trackpad buttons and below trackpad buttons)

In any case, thanks for the info! It does seem like some kind of issue on my system. I have half a mind to run the experiment of deactivating a license and rebooting into ubuntu and installing lightburn and trying again haha

I wouldn’t switch to Linux version just to get Pan working. I’d buy a USB scroll mouse…

I just tried panning on my T520 (Win7, LB 0.9.20) and panning worked as I described it above. FWIW, I have touchpad disabled on both of my TPs. I’ve been a TrackPoint user since mid-90s…

LOL, half the company is comprised of Linux and IBM “enthusiasts”.

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