Parameters Converter With Lens settings- Standalone

Are there any plans to include a stand alone converter that also includes the lens size as well, or does anyone know of one? unlike the already know laser parameters converter, you have to have an already created parameters file to start with. I’m looking for something for example if my friend give me his settings for his fiber laser but he’s using a 70mm lens and I’m using a 150, It would be nice to just be able to input a single set of parameters at a time and have it convert as opposed to having to go in to EZCad or lightburn and create a whole new library export it, remember where I put it, not accidentally overwrite one of my original libraries that have taken ages to set up. Again if someone knows a much simpler way, I’m all ears. Thanks

Not like you are speaking… Laser Everything has software that converts libraries, but it doesn’t handle a lenses change as this works on the entire library and lens size isn’t set in the library, it’s really defined in the Device settings. I believe this is how it’s laid out.

This might be a good suggestion to place in the feature suggestions area and let us vote on it.

You’d have to know some technical information to pull this off… such as source input beam diameter…

If anyone would know, the Lightburn people would… so make a suggestion.


Thank you, that’s what I was actually looking for was a change request section, but I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t want to forget.