Partial import of dxf

I want to import a dxf file into Lightburn but it isn’t happening correctly. The dxf started as a dwg in Autocad 3d Map which I saved as dxf. Then I try importing that into LB and I see only bits of it.
This link has various files:

  • png which is a screenshot of the dxf in Autocad
  • dwg file
  • dxf file

I opened the DXF in Draftsight, and the 2 main shapes imported as 3d solids. The 2 rectangles were what you probably saw on the import, as they were polylines overlapping the rectangle cutouts in the solid. I took your DXF file, and “exploded” it twice in Draftsight. Then imported it into Lightburn, and deleted duplicates. Not a real elegant solution, but LBRN file is attached.easel-4_ru.lbrn (14.1 KB)

LightBurn does not deal with 3D solids, so that would explain it. The official AutoCad spec documents them like this;

1 Proprietary data (multiple lines < 255 characters each)
3 Additional lines of proprietary data

So, that’s helpful. :slight_smile:

I did a FLATSHOT in Autocad then exported that to dxf, then imported the dxf to LB and that looks good.

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