Partially burning on light/pale material

I am trying to burn onto very pale wood and the vector only burns in some areas and it is darker and lighter in others. Any ideas?

Hi, without knowing what settings you’re using it’s hard to say but maybe you could lower the speed or raise the power.
Adjust the contrast higher or lower the brightness, try starting the ‘gamma’ at +650.
The more info you can give when you have an issue you need help with the easier it is for people to help you.
If you could leave a screenshot of your settings, ‘cuts/layers’ settings and maybe the project you have a problem with would make it a lot easier.
For now i hope this helps… :+1:

Using a diode laser on pale wood can be tough, because diodes use visible light, and very light colored materials will reflect most of that light.

You’ll see a lot of variation if the wood has grain too - on some woods, where the grain is darker, the grain will burn more easily, and on woods where it’s lighter, it might not burn at all. It can be very frustrating.

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