Pass count is set to 1, yet it runs a second time in reverse

I’m doing a box with 6 or 7 individual individual panels. It seems like some panels pass just once, and then some pass once then reverse direction and passes again.

I’ve tried deleting and defaulting lightburn, seems like settings are embedded in the panel stencil itself.

Hi Richard, have you tried going into ‘edit’ and ‘delete duplicates’?

Says no duplicates found. Thx anyway

Just noticed in preview mode it goes around once then reverses for a full turn. Weird

can you post your project? wanna see a thing cause still happened to me also and i found, zooming in, that there was a second line very close to the first.

If you have a double that is not closed, LightBurn will not find a duplicate.
If your laser runs twice in the same shape, then there are 2 items or it is set to do so.

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