Pass number does not match the instructions

I’m using a sculpfun S9 to create a birdhouse of sorts what I’m creating doesn’t really matter but I’m carving it out of 1/4 in birch plywood, I have the outline as a black line with the instructions on 200 mm/m at 50% for 8 passes which in my test is what I found works for me, for the test square it did 8 passes and it worked but when I tried to do anything from outside lightburn it did more passes. For example this template was created in fusion, I also did another test of a snowflake that I used the trace tool for, instead of doing 8 passes it did 22 8 then 8 then 6 this was odd but what I found more odd was 22 in particular if it was 24 or 16 or 32 I would assume the pattern was repeated somehow but since it wasn’t a multiple of 8 I was extremely confused if anyone could provide any kind of insight I would really appreciate it

Are you able to post the .lbrn file for review?

Additionally, to posting the file here, what’s the output of the console window? There should be some output like “pass x of y”. What is written there?
And post your detailed layer settings.

Yea I’ll post the file in the coming 6 hours or so, Christmas and all keeping me busy

Yea it says pass 8 of 8 twice then pass 6 of 8 then moves on to the next part of the “print”

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