Paste in position manager not working for external paste command (Linux Mint)

In the manage portions I like to copy/paste data from a CSV list of positions into the manager of positions. So I can easily select positions.

Copy/paste works fine from other program to the “main” part of the program, but for the position list it does not work.
How to fix that


I found away around the issue by adding my settings form CSV to JSON converted information to the prefs.ini as a JSON string. Work fine, but a hassle to do it for each board I make.

Does it not work if you paste with the cursor in one of the data fields? (select the entire existing number, then paste)

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately that also does not work.

This is most likely an issue with Linux Mint (not officially supported) as I’m not able to reproduce this.




Thank you for testing it. For me, it would be great if there was an option to import a CSV file in the user position setting. With Z-axis would even be better.

Rob Oudendijk

Your prefs file is just JSON, so it’s pretty easy to add these by hand. Go to File > Open prefs folder, then close LightBurn, and open prefs.ini - you should be able to find what you need in there without much trouble.


Yes, did that already.

But I like to use the “option” to have my laser cutter work like a pick and place machine for PCB board making. And so I need to load a lot of different points for different boards.

Rob Oudendijk

What is it that you are doing with those points? It’s trivial to put a shape on the edit page at a given coordinate and just send the laser there.

It sounds like you’re asking for a feature that supports a very specific workflow that hasn’t been requested by anyone else.


What I want to do is use my laser cutter as a simple pick and place machine from SMT components on a PCB board.

That’s a high-level description, but I was looking more specifically for why you are using stored positions for this, instead of just making GCode that moves the laser to where you need and running that.

How to easily make the Gcode?

I have about 50 pieces to place on a small board. I can export the positions in CSV file, covert that to JSON and place it in the prefs.ini file.

GCode is moves with coordinates, and optional speeds, like this:

G0 X10 Y50              ; rapid move to 10,50
G1 X100  Y200  F3000    ; feedrate move to 100,200 at 3000 mm/minute

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