Path to text with boolean Help

Is there a way to use Path to text with boolean? I have made a couple signs and have used this feature before, but I can not get it to work anymore. Please help. Thank you.

Yes, what have you tried? What is not working for you?

It seems to work without the boolean feature. But I need the Boolean feature to make my letters thicker for a sign. Pretty sure I was able to do this on a couple signs I made last month but it’s not working this time. I just need to figure out a way to have a text with boolean to thicken the letters and then bend the texts. Thank you

Thank you but you are still not telling us exactly the steps or workflow you are trying and where it is not working as you’d expect.

I don’t think I have ever use ‘Boolean’ to “thicken” a shape, so I am not sure what you are saying here. I have used the ‘Offset’ tool to add an larger outline to a shape, if that is what you mean.

Try showing what you have, what you want (example of previous job that worked), and what you are currently observing. We can not “see” what you do so wording and examples help. :slight_smile:

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