Pause button question

This may be the silliest question ever, but is there a way to tell if your project is paused? The pause button does not highlight when you hit it.
I ask this because from time to time i get a popup stating that the “machine may be busy or paused”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally click pause in the first place, but if i click pause the program begins and runs normally. It just seems logical that the pause button would be highlighted if its active so a person would know its actually paused.

There isn’t a way for me to make that button show the state of the laser without constantly asking it. If the laser wasn’t powered up it would pause your computer temporarily every time it tried, so it’s not ideal.

The “laser might be busy or paused” message can happen if there is simply no connection yet. Sometimes it takes a moment for the controller to communicate with the computer.

Got it…
I imagine it’s much easier for us to request changes than it is for you to snap your fingers and make it happen.
I certainly wasn’t complaining, I kinda figured I was simply missing something.
Thanks Oz!

With Ruida or Trocen controllers, you can right-click the “Devices” button to retry the connection startup. If you see “Found RDC644X” or similar in the bottom status bar, LightBurn is talking to your laser.


Now THIS is awesome, thanks for the tip!

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