Pause command problem and others

Hi everybody,
I have an Xtool D1pro, using the configuration machine downloaded from the XTool website (grbl XToolD1Pro).
Until few days ago everything went smooth, but from some days I’m having this kind of problems:
1 - the pause command doesn’t work anymore. If I press it the laser doen’t stop and goes on working, while the “stop” command works regularly
2 - I remember that when I started a job, the “move” window was replaced by another window where you could change power and speed on the fly. This doesn’t happen anymore. The move window stays there
3- the green bar indicating the percentage/time of the job being done is not appearing anymore
I didn’t change any settings. I tried to reload the grbl, tried to switch off and on the PC and LB, but no way to restore the previous situation.
Can anybody help me out?
Thank you very much for your attention and support