Pausing in Marlin

I am controlling my laser from a Marlin based 3d Printer - M106 M107 commands.
Vector cutting in LINE mode works perfect, i am having trouble in FILL mode, since the laser is pulsing and Marlin is poorly implemented for these tasks, it moves too fast and doesnt wait for the laser to engrave before it moves to the next line.
Editing the Gcode with a G4 P100 command after every single M106 S>1 command works since its forces the laser to pause for 100ms. Is there any way to set a power on delay in Lightburn. There is a video on youtube to explain the issue “Marlin and Laser Issues” , i am not sure i am allow to attach the link here.

There is no way to do this in LightBurn - you would need to update to a version of Marlin with better handling of laser power. I suspect what is happening is the ramp-up for the fan is causing problems. You should be able to disable that, either with a compile option or a runtime config.

Adding a 100ms delay with each power change would mean that every 10 power-on commands would add an extra second to your engraving time. Dithering would be impossible.

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