Pay attention to spray paint cans small print

So I had bought some relatively cheap cans with colors not readily available in ‘Big Box’ stores. I normally use the Rustoleum 2x. I got Krylon this time because of colors and price. You need to recoat (if doing multiple layers) within 6 hrs or wait a full 48.They are not kidding. I had started with an orange, 2nd coat was red, and final was going to be black. 31+ hrs I tried to top coat with black. Not good. All layers just bubbled off…like Instantly.
I am sure the brand of paint is fine, I just didn’t pay attention enough. So, even if the paint is dry enough to engrave, don’t add any clear coats unless it’s been dry from initial spraying for at least 48 hrs.I’ve seen youtubers have the same issue, although they didn’t specifically name the brand of paint used. Not sure what causes this, although I do know alot of epoxy paints have the same issues.This is not by any stretch of the imagination epoxy though.
Just thought I’d share in case others experience similar issues.