good day, I have made a purchase of your lightburn program where I paid and they did not give me my password for the program I need your help

The Licence Key should have been emailed to you shortly after your purchase.

I will check the support channel to see if the Key was sent correctly. The Key is much bigger than most passwords and some folks get it mixed up with the Trial ID. They look similar but they’re very different.

Did you set up your purchase with the email address that you use for the Forum? I should be able to find your Purchase with just that information.

If you used a different email address to purchase from our website, please Email and we’ll follow it up over there. Please do not post your email address to the forum as web crawlers can pick them up and send spam to your inbox.

I see that you have emailed support with the same address used to set up your account on the forum. We can handle this privately by email.