PC crashed, now light burn not operating right

A little back ground --  17 years ago my friend of twenty years  built this PC for me.

We named it “THE BEAST”. 3 - hard drives, 1 - dvd reader/writer 1 – cd reader/writer, 1 – 3-1/2" reader/writer and 5 cooling fans. This thing weighs in at 52 lbs. now you know why it’s the beast. The only time this beast gets turned off is for cleaning or when the power goes out. So you can say, this this beast has not been turned off in 16 to 17 years now. Oh - running windows 7 pro.
And the problem: I came in this morning , made one burn and tried to start another, (which was a Jesus picture). As soon as I hit start, everything locked up. Had to do a complete shutdown on everything. After reboot I noticed that fire button was missing. It took 3 tries to get it to back on again. Now when I hit the fire button, to focus, the fan turns on and no light beam comes on. Also same thing with frame, it will move around your frame but the laser won’t fire. The only way I to get it to frame is turn the power down low, (.25) an hit start as if I was burning the frame. But I still cannot focus.
Any ideas out there?

UP DATE: Never mind I fixed it.