PC Crashes when I open Lightburn

Havent bought LB yet. Still on trial. It worked fine until it updated.
I know its Lightburn software because i can have my PC on all day and nothing happens.
How can i fix this? I was planning on purchasing the software after the trial, but with this happening (possible damage to my pc) i am not certain. Windows, drivers, etc. Are all up to date also.
This has been happening for a few days and using up my trial time.

So it was working fine until there was an update? - a LightBurn update? to v1.3.02?

Start LightBurn with debug logging: (Windows key + R to open ‘Run’, then paste in line below and ‘Ok’)
C:\Program Files\LightBurn\LightBurn.exe -d

Please send the results (Documents\LightBurnLog.txt) to support @ lightburnsoftware.com include a link to this forum post as a reference

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