Pdf import broken

I have pdf files to import

when they import. they are split into seperate images and spaced apart. I cannot figure out why
Happens on every import that i bring in.

and this is how they come in

Please send this pdf via email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and include reference to this post. Someone, (that is totally not me :slight_smile: ) will have a look.

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You said the PDFs are images? Image placement in PDF files is still incorrect - it’s much more complicated than AI files and I haven’t had time to properly investigate yet. Can you email the PDF to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com? It would be good to have a reference.

In the meantime, is it possible for you to get those files in AI or SVG formats? Both of those should work properly.

Sorry the PDFS are actually PDFS,
I will email them.

I didn’t explain myself any better than you did. :slight_smile: I meant, it appeared that they were vector art from the image you posted, as opposed to bitmaps embedded in the PDF files. If they are just embedded maps they’re going to be a bugger to do much with anyway - you’d need to just raster engrave them, or trace them, but tracing a line ends up giving you vectors for both the inside and outside of the line, which is usually not what you want. If you can get the files as actual vector content the import will behave, and the files would be simpler to work with, unless you’re just trying to engrave them as a picture.

looking at it now you make sense. They are importing as a jpeg. No matter what i can do.
I have tried to convert, print as pdf, many different things and nothing seems to work.
Do you have any ideas on the best way. Im trying to cut them out using single lines, not engrave. Just cut the outline

What’s the source of these? Once it’s image data it’s not easy to get the vectors back, but it looks like it was vector data at some point. If you can find that version of the PDF (or even as a different file type) you’ll be a lot happier.

This is what your file looks like when zoomed in:

yeah I dont have access to the original designer or files. It was created using an amateur and i dont think they made it using the same way all the other files of the same type are made
I will have to trace it manually. Whats the best way to do curvs and such in lightburn. Like trace over the lines manually. Straight lines im fine with, but curves i cant figure out

For curves, use the pen tool like you would for a straight line, then hit S while hovering over a line to add the curve handles to it, or hit S while hovering over a point to make it a smooth point.

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