Perferations do they show in preview?

On the perferation mode, It doesn’t show as perferated in my preview window. Should it show?

You may have to zoom in to see.

Rick I zoomed and there were no perf’s …then I cut also no perfs. It cut it clean even though I had perforations set in the multiple mm range. Did I do something wrong. It was a heart shaped vector see file attached vdaycardwhite.lbrn (1.2 MB)

Looks like you have the ‘Skip’ parameter set very low (0.01mm). This does not leave much room between cuts. Increasing the ‘Skip’ will create more of a “gap”.

Changing your file (green layer) to have a ‘Skip’ of 1.00 provides the following. Is this more in line with what you are trying to accomplish?

Confirmation here:

Ok I am stupid, I thought those were two separate functions. Thanks for clearing it up for me :slight_smile:

It’s something I’ve been meaning to try to make more obvious. There’s perforation mode, and dot mode, and to keep the UI compact, I made the controls for them share space, but you need to use both numbers in both modes.

Ok cool now I don’t feel like as big an idiot :slight_smile:

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