Periodic discontinuity

Hi all,

I have a engraving 445nm system and I am using the lightburn software. I controller board that I use is
" CNC Control Board, MYSWEETY GRBL 3 Axis Engraving Machine Controller Board fo… via @amazon"

As you can see in the attached picture, there is a periodic discontinuity when I print a straight line. I was wondering if anyone else encountered the same issue and was able to solve it.

Can you attach the .lbrn file that you used to create this line? Could be something in the design or cut settings that someone can look at.

Yes. Please see the attached file.
Project 1.lbrn2 (11.3 KB)

I don’t see anything obviously wrong in the design although the speed is unusually low.

Is this a new setup for you? Has this ever burned correctly?

Have you gone through a preliminary GRBL Configuration?

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I believe that is something related to the stepper motor. When I put the speed less than 20mm/m, I can feel that there are a fast jump in stepper motor after like ~24 steps. But at higher speed, this doesn’t happen.

It sounds like to me that you need to setup grbl from scratch. I suggest you search for the grbl configuration guides from lasergrbl and here and go through an initial pass of those.

Before making any changes take a backup of your current configuration.

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