Phantom Red Dot

In converting several images into one, I had many colors which I reduce to just a few. However, there is one color,C02, that shows in the cuts list that I could not visually find. I tried right clicking on the cut color, nothing blinked, and when I did the preview is showed no traversal and zero cut time. Then I removed all of the cuts except just this one and have attached that file here. Even zooming in to where I think it is I can not find it unless its just a single pixel. Can someone look at this to see if this is what I am seeing? I can just disable that cut so it doesn’t output but this feels strange.PhantomRed.lbrn (4.6 KB)

It’s about 14 nodes that are in almost exactly the same place. Shift-Click to select the layer, then Shift-click in the window, press the delete key to remove the object.

Perfect. Thanks!

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