Phot from camera

This is the house I can’t get the siding lines to stay stright.

That may be just an artifact of the display. Have you zoomed in on the preview to see what the planned burn lines actually look like?

Yes and it doesn’t get better

I’m not sure what you’ve done there but it looks like you’re distorting the image.

By preview I’m talking about the Preview tool. Available by going to Window->Preview or by pushing the Preview tool.

Once the preview comes up zoom in very closely to see how the lines render.

Or else, can you try actually just burning the image to see what the results are? That’ll give you a sense of what you’re dealing with.


Here’s a magnified view of the Preview using the image that you uploaded here. This is using Jarvis for the image mode. You can see that the “jaggies” that you saw don’t really appear in the Preview. I think it would look even better with a higher resolution original picture if you have one available.

Attaching the .lbrn file here for your reference.
house_jarvis.lbrn2 (2.3 MB)