Photo engraving at midpoint and then a cut line

I’ trying to engrave a picture just starting to test, but it stops at some point and makes a line like if the laser is trying to cut. Not really sure what happens, I can engrave tumblers and cut normally, but with this engravings no luck, doesn’t seem to be in a specific point.
This is what it does, the left image is my first try, and the rigth one a second not changing anything.

The controller display doesn’t display any text like an error or a warning.

Does someone know what could I do to fix it?
otros perritos.lbrn2 (777,3 KB)

Do you mind posting the project file so we can look and see that it’s not in the source somehow?

Do you need to esc out of the job when this occurs, or does it just stop?


Sorry friend! I uploaded the file, yeah it just stops suddenly and when it does it makes like a cut line.

The .lbrn2 file is the project file. If you drag and drop it on the reply window it will upload… Ensure you wait long enough for it to complete.

It appears it’s moving pretty slow to make such a large mark…


otros perritos.lbrn2 (777,3 KB)
Here it is, I hope is right this time!

I don’t see anything odd in the artwork… except two rotten dogs :crazy_face:

I think we need to start looking elsewhere. I was suspicious that it was elsewhere at it’s apparently happening randomly.

Do you know the pieces inside, such as the motor drivers, controller laser power supply (lps)?

Suggest you let it fail, then check to see if there are any error indicators on the motor drivers or the Ruida. For motor drivers, green is OK, red is an internal hardware error.

If led 13 is illuminated, that’s also an internal hardware error.


Ohh man! Let me some tests and see if it fails again. Thanks for the help!!

Anything that happens that doesn’t look or feel right, take note…

Try to keep an eye on the console for any indication it’s running, but it’s physically not moving…