Photo engraving help and tips

Hi I’m looking for advice. I’ve been playing around with picture engraving on to wood using photograv software then putting it into lightburn.
Has anyone used just lightburn, if so what processes have worked for you and do you have any tips to help me to get it to work.
Thank you

Hi and welcome to our forum. Use the the search feature to expand your search from past posts to aid you.

The answer is yes. Photograv is not needed. Lightburn has all the tools you need to get a great image engrave.


Hi thank you so much. I’ve read through a few of your comments and helpful tips on other posts.
To do a picture do I have to make any changes in a photoshop program?
One I have been trying just kept shifting

Not sure why thought maybe a coding issue from using photograv


Have you tried to tune the burn with the substrate material that you are trying to engrave?

Something like these two examples:

To me it looks like the engraving is not dark enough.

Here are a Couple links to a get the file if you don’t have one . Keep in mind that you need to tune the card by selecting what the file states and syncing with Lightburn


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