Photo Engraving Question/Issue

Anyone know what would cause these lines? First time playing around with photos, so I doubt I have my settings right for the best quality. Ignore the very bottom, as my first attempt, I forgot to make it a negative. I was using a HR head, which has a 2.5mm focus length. I did end up with a lot of crud built up on the bottom side after this.

It’s a white tile with matte black paint

What’s odd is I ran the same files/settings, just not a negative, on wood and it came it fine.

To me it looks like you missed some of your Y steps. So basically you end up with some of the lines double-burned because the laser head didn’t actually move front or back. Weird seeing that on Y instead of X to me too though.

What’s your Line Interval set at?

.07mm if I remember right.

Is X moving left-right and Y is up-down, or is the scan angle different?

It’s going to be hard to try to diagnose if it’s actually a hardware issue. Machine information may be beneficial, like whether the axis in question is belt or screw driven and what sort of speeds.

It’s an Aeon Nova14. 100w. Ran at 12% power, 200mm/s speed (belts)

The lines are parallel with the head moving left/right.

Got a chiller plugged into the same power line? Interference can cause power fluctuations.

On another group, the couple of suggestions were:

  1. chiller being on same circuit was causing a power surge. more prone to happen at low power engraves
  2. build up on the tube nozzle causing it to block the laser beam

Which both were true in my case.

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