PICTURE fading intensity

Hi all!

I have a problem, I only own my Sculpfun S9 for 6 months now and lately my laser engraves like this (see picture), the intensity isn’t the same.

I have done research and watched YouTube videos but somehow I don’t know where to start

Not sure what you mean be intensity on this picture.

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I agree that this is not the best picture since it is made at night time but as you can see the down part of the S and P are lighter than the upper part. (Sorry English is not my native language)

And what material is this?

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It is stainless steel, i have engraved on this heart perfectly before

  1. The surface is not perfectly flat, or
    2, There was some sort of coating on the S.S.

Does not look like a mechanical or software issue, That only leaves material.

You need to ensure the heart is perfectly flat, try pressing it into some modelling clay type product to get it level.

Did you apply any coating? Maybe that was distributed unevenly…