Picture is not engraved correctly

Hi there,

i am testing out my new K40 and was playing with Grayscaling. I found some good settings that gave me good results but there are white bars from top to bottom every few centimeters. Does someone has an idea were they could come from?

The K40 runs with MG3 board from awesometech.

Thanks in advance!

I get this when the DPI is set too fine

Do you get this with grayscaling only or even when you use a dithered picture? Currently i am engravin with 254 dpi.

Every laser is different. I use 254 with good results. Your laser might have a larger laser beam and might need a bit coarser. Check this vid out. It covers both fiber and co2.

This could be in the grain of the wood but it could be what Russ Sadler describes as ‘Curtains’.

It may be worth checking components on the X-axis to confirm that the bearings, pulleys and belt move as expected.

This may be of interest.

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