Picture to wood

Messing around with some Alder wood today. My son’s senior picture. I think it turned out awesome.


That turned out really well! Alder holds nice contrast.

1st time I’ve used, trying to find it for a decent price so I can order more.

Nice!!! I’m just trialing photos on different substrates. have you played with the script by “That Dude With a Laser”??? Amazing results. I spent all that money on photograv and a free script from facebook does a better job

Not to knock Sean at all, but his script is mostly just an equalize and an unsharp mask, which is quite similar to what PhotoGrav and One Touch do as well. The biggest mistakes people make are trying to go too fast (loses small dots) and trying to go too fine (too high a DPI and everything becomes a dark mess). If you get those two things right, the rest of it is mostly image tuning.

The next release of LightBurn adds live controls for contrast, brightness, and gamma (mid-tone adjust) which gets you about 75% of the way there. The subsequent release will likely include unsharp masking.


Yea that’s what I used. I have photograv also, bootlegged copy of it. I need to run a comparison.

I ran this at 300dpi 200mms 22/18 power, dither in LB

I can tell you for sure that out of the box, same settings, the script does 100% better than photograv. I’ve opened the script and yes its all stuff that we should be doing to our photos anyway but it’s all done for you. lazy mans gold. I still need to play with DPI but this is just the script as is at 200DPI. This is on canvas
100watt machine 310mm/min at 22%
I’m impressed


I like “lazy man” stuff. That’s impressive, I just left hobby lobby and forgot to grab a canvas.

This is really cool!!

Did you prep the canvas in any way, or just engave staight on it? What are the general settings you used? Did you have air assist off?

I am interested in how you did the canvas also. That looks amazing.