Pictures burning crooked

My laser is engraving pictures crooked. I have checked to make sure the OLM 3 frame is square and it is. I squared the plywood to the front of the machine. I measured the distance of the gantry to the front of the frame and it is the same. I have tried rotating the image and the plywood as you can see in the pictures. Any ideas what is going on?

Are you running in inches? If so, this is a known firmware issue with the Ortur, and solved with a recent update.

Yes, I am running in inches. I will go to their website and track down this update. Thank you so much. I have wasted a lot of material trying to figure out what was going on.This is another reason I love this forum!! :+1: :+1:

I believe this has been solved with Firmware version 210.

Yes it has. Going to update in the morning.

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