Planning to buy a 50w Laser

Hi, there
First of all , I’m very happy buying your software. Super Great !
No issues whatsoever with EleksMaster.:+1:
I’m planning to buy a laser with 50w/tube (picture) .
Will it be compatible whit lightburn ?

Thx guy’s

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That machine uses an M2Nano board that is NOT compatible with LightBurn. You need to find one that has a DSP controller such as a Ruida, AWC, or TopWisdom controller.

The other option is to replace the controller with a Cohesion 3D Laserboard, or miniGerbil board. Then you could use LightBurn

Look for one with a Ruida controller.

Thx again guy’s :ok_hand::metal:

So basically if I don’t need the offline controller, I could switch the board whit a GRBL USB board and make it work ?

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Yes. But in the long run, I feel that you would be best to find one with a DSP controller.

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Ok thx for the intel :+1::metal:

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