Playback Speed Bug

If the playback speed is set to 40x and you exit playback, when you re-enter playback the speed is still 40x but when you press play the speed at which it is tracing is something other than 40x. 1x maybe? You can move the slider to 20x and back to 40x and it will play at the correct speed selected.


I was just able to reproduce this. I wrote that bit of code that allows the speed to persist. It sounds like the last value of the slider is being restored (obviously) but some underlying playback speed variable might not be getting written. We’ll investigate.

Same here but i kinda like it. it is true that monitoring needs to run real-time but first runs during preparations i wish to see the preview done in like 10 seconds give or take, then i run real time to get the feel of things. please consider an hybrid mode. i hate pushing the speed up to x40 each time i launch the preview during setup. speaking of which one should also close this window to get back to editing. i wish for this window to stay open (muted) while editing.

This has already been reported, and fixed in the next release.


Please consider adding two buttons to this preview window:
Speed: TOTAL PLAY TIME (sec)

most if not all of my previews i run fast (holding left mouse button at the end of the timeline to rush things up) . i wish to be able to run each from start to end in like 10 sec.

a penny for your thoughts.

Not following you here. Realtime is currently the 1x playback setting, and total playtime is shown on the right side of the slider. What are you asking for?

He wants to be able to specify that it play the preview in X seconds. This seems like extreme overkill when you can simply grab the slider and drag it to see the file progression.

C’mon man, - Extreme overkill? :slight_smile:
Just trying to lower to bare minimum the number of mouse clicks and moves which are quite a lot. my humble wish was for lightburn to keep the preview window open without the need to close and reopen it for each change/edit (mute it during edit) and to remember my preview speed - either X1 - X40 with timeline and/or fixed defined speed. i believe this would have saved a lot of mouse / keyboard operations.

Just my two cents.

As I said, the remembering of the preview speed has been fixed - you asked for something different, requesting the ability to run a preview in a set period of time - that was what I called overkill, not the ability to keep the preview window open.

The persistent preview window request I’m considering, but it will require fairly large scale changes to how that window is managed, where the path planning happens, and it’s just not a simple thing to do.

Fair enough. I should have mentioned that i am using two 32" monitors in extended view so in my case the preview window is always opened on the secondary screen and not overlaying on top of lightburn’s main GUI. this does not go against the need to keep the preview running muted in the background while editing.

You said the preview speed has been fixed - does this mean that in next release each time relaunching preview will reset the speed back to x 1? i kinda like it when it is now locked on x40. i hardly preview in x 1. only when i want to get to see the actual speed. it goes without saying that the actual cutting time should always show the actual cutting time in accordance with the cutting settings. if you ask me and this is my own personal preference - i prefer fixed speed to my choosing and when i click on the Actual cutting time it will jump to x1.

The speed is remembered as whatever it was last set to.

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