Playing with ceramic tile

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(Allen Massey) #19

Excellent detail level. Was it created from vectors or bitmap?

(HN) #20

This is a bitmap. I have better control of the engrave.

(Allen Massey) #21

That is very impressive, especially from a bitmap image. Which image mode did you use?

(HN) #22

I used threshold so it is on or off, nothing in between.

(Robert canning) #23

I’ve upped my game with the ceramic tiles

(Allen Massey) #24

What focal lens are you using to get that quality?

(HN) #25

Those are gorgeous! Really outstanding!

(Josh Creswell ) #26

Someone just sent me some porcelain mugs they wanted me to put HTV (heat transfer vinyl) on. I think I try alcohol ink idea on them. Maybe I’ll be able to laser them even though I can’t use the rotary on them due to the handle.

(Donnie Smith) #27

Bob, good to see you on this forum. I see your comments on some of the FB pages and they are always helpful ( and sometime entertaining :wink: . What settings and process did you use to create these (i.e. how painted, what paint, how cleaned, etc…) A quick step by step might be helpful to everyone.

BTW…You have got to change the big belly icon you use. It drive me nuts. bahahahahahaha

(Robert canning) #28

The belly stays…
I’m using the script from the FB group “That Dude With A Lazer” standard white tile, painted flat black. 100watt laser at 285 MM/sec, 25%. takes quite a bit of trial and error. Even more after you clean lenses. The key is to use just enough power to leave the white parts glossy

(Justin Baker) #29

When using the ink do you have to mask the unburned part or can you just wipe the ink off of it?

(Robert canning) #30

just wipe it off…

(Justin Baker) #31

Are these also marker fill? How do you get the grays?

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(Robert canning) #33

look up 5 posts, all the info is there

(Justin Baker) #34

I signed up for the Facebook group. Thanks for the info. I saw their profile pic and now it makes sense on the process. I was confused as to how to paint it with flat black to get the greys but now I see it is painted prior to lasering it. :crazy_face:

(Ken Snyder) #36

Absolutely gorgeous - thanks for sharing

(Dave Jones) #37

I’ve engraved a handful of cheapo home depot tile. The engraving always works out nice but I’ve had mixed results with colorant. I dont have alchohol ink and sharpies seem hit or miss. Anyone try printer ink, wood stain, shoe polish, rit dye, or testers paint?

(Hank Morgan) #38

This one was done with spray paint. I’m not sure yet how well I like that technique.

I masked the entire tile face with tape and then engraved. After engraving I sprayed the whole thing with a rattle can and after it dried a couple of days I peeled/scraped the tape off. A razor blade made fairly quick work of it.