Playing with ceramic tile

(Robert canning) #8

awesome, these ar so much fun to do. I work with a very crude bunch. I cant even post most of mine here

(HN) #9

Yes, a lot of fun! Cheap and easy.

(Robert canning) #10

(Robert canning) #11

OK, I’ve been searching for that fish pattern… can you tell me where you got it? I feel like a file grabber

(HN) #12

Here ya go!

(Robert canning) #14

Can’t…stop… building up some stuff. These tiles are a hoot, even my wife will grab a marker.

These are all trivet size

(Dean Charlier) #15

Wow those look great. I’ve been playing with tiles but mine don’t seem to POP like yours or I bleed the colors. Do you mind sharing what markers and how to clean off the non-engraved part without messing up the color.

(Robert canning) #16

I have Bic brand markers, I just colour sloppily, let dry for quite awhile then simply scrub with soap and water. Comes right off. If you have running you’re not letting the marker dry enough

(Dean Charlier) #17

Thanks… will try more!

(HN) #18


(Allen Massey) #19

Excellent detail level. Was it created from vectors or bitmap?

(HN) #20

This is a bitmap. I have better control of the engrave.

(Allen Massey) #21

That is very impressive, especially from a bitmap image. Which image mode did you use?

(HN) #22

I used threshold so it is on or off, nothing in between.

(Robert canning) #23

I’ve upped my game with the ceramic tiles

(Allen Massey) #24

What focal lens are you using to get that quality?

(HN) #25

Those are gorgeous! Really outstanding!

(Josh Creswell ) #26

Someone just sent me some porcelain mugs they wanted me to put HTV (heat transfer vinyl) on. I think I try alcohol ink idea on them. Maybe I’ll be able to laser them even though I can’t use the rotary on them due to the handle.

(Donnie Smith) #27

Bob, good to see you on this forum. I see your comments on some of the FB pages and they are always helpful ( and sometime entertaining :wink: . What settings and process did you use to create these (i.e. how painted, what paint, how cleaned, etc…) A quick step by step might be helpful to everyone.

BTW…You have got to change the big belly icon you use. It drive me nuts. bahahahahahaha

(Robert canning) #28

The belly stays…
I’m using the script from the FB group “That Dude With A Lazer” standard white tile, painted flat black. 100watt laser at 285 MM/sec, 25%. takes quite a bit of trial and error. Even more after you clean lenses. The key is to use just enough power to leave the white parts glossy