Playing with Gray scale

I finally had some time today to play with creating 3D gray scale designs

Here is my first attempt with Boss 1420 65w, 2 inch lens
The image is 5 inches in diameter
I used the Grayscale image mode

I made 3 passes
Pass 1 - Min = 12%, Max = 45% speed = 200 mm/sec
Pass 2 - Min = 5%, Max = 35% speed = 300 mm/sec
Pass 3 - Min = 0. Max = 28% speed = 350 mm/sec

I moved the bed upward .02 inches between each pass

This is the image I used

Results right off the laser

After applying a gel stain for contrast


Excellent work… Really nice!

Thanks for sharing…

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Finished another one this morning. I had done the same design on the CNC router and the laser comes out almost as good.


Great effort folks I haven’t had much luck with grey scale, maybe look at it in the future again

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I know this is an older post, but can you share your settings and explain how you did this. I also have this file and have done on my router.

I did include all the settings for each pass in the first post

Ok. I didn’t realize that was for the Last Supper too. Thank you.

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