Please a smooth NON JERKY pass on an engraving / fill , I'm getting lots of pauses

Hello Everyone

Having some problems setting up this new laser, Its running a MKS DLC32 Offline Controller 32bits ESP32 WIFI GRBL and was working perfectly on a 60 watt laser that I configured and sent out a few weeks back, move on and I’m just just finishing this large new C02 but using the exact same model of controller ( I bought 10 in a cracking deal) firmware etc but on a 160 watt tube and much larger machine like 2.5 times the size, this one is a behemoth, 2.3 metres long by 1.2 frame size. Unique positioning of the tube box etc…

The video will show the problem that is happening, it appears to be stuttering, on the other laser that went out there was no skip/pause at all when doing this, it just went seamlessly and smoothly not like this one at all in the video. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, missed a setting or what :thinking: :thinking:

Everything else seems to be working just fine apart from this issue. The other laser was perfect,

Further info below that hopefully will be able to help diagnose the issue please

Many thanks to everyone for any help.

Sitges, España.

Running latest Windows 11, latest version of Lightburn, plenty or Ram etc , not networked and using a cable to connect to the controller not wifi.

Overall view of Laser prior to optics and bed install.

GRBL Settings

Connected COM4 115200
STM32 Device Detected
$0=10 Step pulse, microseconds (10)
$1=25 Step idle delay, milliseconds (25)
$2=0 Step port invert, mask (0)
$3=3 Direction port invert, mask (0)
$4=0 Step enable invert, boolean (0)
$5=1 Limit pins invert, boolean (0)
$6=1 Probe pin invert, boolean (0)
$10=1 Status report, mask (1)
$11=0.010<Idle|MPos:0.000,-10.000,0.000|FS:0,0> Junction deviation, mm (0.020)
$12=0.002 Arc tolerance, mm (0.020)
$13=0 Report inches, boolean (0)
$20=0 Soft limits, boolean (0)
$21=0 Hard limits, boolean (0)
$22=0 Homing cycle, boolean (0)
$23=1 Homing dir invert, mask (0)
$24=300.000 Homing feed, mm/min (100.000)
$25=1000.000 Homing seek, mm/min (1000.000)
$26=250.000 Homing debounce, milliseconds (250)
$27=1.000 Homing pull-off, mm (1.000)
$30=10000.000 Max spindle speed, RPM (255)
$31=0.000 Min spindle speed, RPM (0)
$32=0 Laser mode, boolean (1)
$100=80.000 X steps/mm (80.000)
$101=80.000 Y steps/mm (80.000)
$102=80.000 Z steps/mm (80.000)
$110=25001.000 X Max rate, mm/min (5000.000)
$111=25001.000 Y Max rate, mm/min (5000.000)
$112=6000.000 Z Max rate, mm/min (5000.000)
$120=1000.000 X Acceleration, mm/sec^2 (800.000)
$121=1000.000 Y Acceleration, mm/sec^2 (800.000)
$122=500.000 Z Acceleration, mm/sec^2 (5000.000)
$130=450.000 X Max travel, mm (400)
$131=450.000 Y Max travel, mm (300)
$132=50.000 Z Max travel, mm (200)

Fill Settings Page Screenshot

Lightburn Desktop Screenshot

**Engraving Video Link showing the “pauses/stutters” instead of a smooth transition.

This video shows the “stuttering” between each letter being engraved.

Thanks again,


I assume you have sized your steppers and current settings appropriate to larger machine.

I watched that video several times. The pulsating sound appeared to be the air assist pump.

As it traversed across, it was fast in the non burn areas, and slowed down for the burn sections. this is exactly how it would move if Fast Whitespace Scan is turned on in the Device Settings window. Is that it?

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