Please disregard

My post was completely inappropriate, and I apologise unreservedly.

Personally I would advise you take this post down and think carefully what you are doing. Lightburns licence is for life and the only thing that expires is the upgrade facility. As a Lightburn user I can confirm this is one of the best software packages on the market. The design team are extremely helpful and you should apologise for your post which is totally out of order.


Reading your irate post, it seems to me …whatever the expiry notice happened, my logic would have been to contact LB and ask the question. In my membership/ use of LB and applied for three laser uses, their support were quick to agree and sorted the activation for me…having trouble understanding the process.
As already mentioned, one purchased, the LB licence stays active after 12 months the update are not eligible, but LB in its pre update status is still there to use.
Renewal (gcode) is $30.
Support cannot help if they are not given full info on your problem.
As for your opinion of the software, afraid you are in a very small group who thinks along your lines.I and the vast majority consider LB the Best available software to control lasers and has the addition others lack in the design functions available.

Lol. You clearly have no idea what you are doing. It’s ok to ask for help when you cant figure something out, thats what we are all here for.

@Tony Rath close the door on your way out.

A few questions,

Was this a fresh install?
-If it was did you download the current version or the version you had when your license expired?

Do you not remember the email address you used to purchase before? There are tools for recovery.
-You can’t blame lightburn because you cant remember or save the email with the key.

What’s the big deal putting the machine settings in again?

I suppose you are writing this irate post after hundreds emails with Ligthburn support with no solution for your license issue, otherway is better you calm down, take a deep breath and start over, explaining exactly what happens

Hey @TRath I can see you are annoyed or frustrated. We have information on how the license works here:

which is linked on all our product pages. As someone mentioned above, you don’t need to renew your license if you are happy to keep using an older version of LightBurn. The older versions of LightBurn are available here:

Its a lot of information to take in, especially if you’re frustrated and want to get something sorted out. We’ve here at support to help you, though most of our agents operate in the USA so are on USA time. Myself and a couple of other new agents are on other times zones, including New Zealand. So we’re happy to help you if we’re asked for help and are awake!
I see that you purchased the renewal earlier, so if you want to use the latest version then you should keep that renewal. But if you’re wanting to use an older version, then contact support and we might be able to refund your renewal cost, as we’re not interested in letting people feel tricked or frustrated with our software and the license model.

support at

edit: I kept referring to LightBurn as “the license” I have corrected this confusing statement.


Did you get your licence sorted out?
I haven’t seen much about the system in your profile… I’d like to know more.
Please tell us about your (homebuilt?) CNC in Community Laser Talk.

Thanks Dominic.
Apologies for my gruff behaviour - I was having a bad hair day, and let myself get totally frustrated.
It was a bit of one of those ‘last straw’ moments.
I understand the policy now. I renewed anyway, so at least I’m up to date for now.
And I’m quite happy to keep the new version.
Thanks for your calm understanding.
Again, apologies for my outburst.

Kind regards,


All good now, John.
My laser is a CNC3D 650x500mm workspace running a 10W LED Laser (it might even be a 15W?).
I tend to do all my development stuff on my desktop, then create the G-Code and transfer it to my Laptop - which is a bit easier to lug out into the Shed to where the cutter lives.
I’m running CNC3D’s “Commander” software to talk to the cutter. It’s a lot like Mach 2/Mach 3, with some Laser goodies thrown in.
I find the LED Laser is a bit light-on (no pun intended) to cut 3mm 3-ply with, but it eventually gets through after about 6 passes.
I’d love to have a C02 cutter, but they’re a bit out my justifiable price range.
My primary use for the Laser at the moment is to cut radio controlled aircraft formers (cross sections) of wing ribs, fuselages etc. The wing ribs are generally 3-6mm balsa, and cut quite easily. 3-ply is a bit more stubborn and it would be ideal to have the grunt of an 80W CO2. But for the volume of material I’m cutting (a couple of airframes), the price is a bit prohibitive.
If I ever got into making and selling kits for a living, a CO2 would be the way to go.

Kind regards,


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