Please explain how to get line+fill back on LB i

link to video please ty

found it ty it helped alot ty ty ty

ok i finially figured it out im not going to apologize be cause i know many ere confused as i was ty rich( la hobby guy) for the video that was what saved me here im staying if thats ok if not ok too

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On reading the comments above I reflected on the following plaque I am busy preparing(for my granddaughter. The poor innocent child must deal with a hectoring grandfather!)

Failure is the price of success
Suffering is the price of happiness
Labour is the price of fulfilment
Pain is the price of progress.

I guess this post is as good as any to say: Thank you Lightburn development team! A simple and powerful function added to Lightburn which is really easy to understand, and has the appropriate documentation from day 1(In my humble opinion anyone who couldn’t figure out this very simple function should not be operating any laser hardware…)


As a newbie to all this, I had no idea this was a recent upgrade! I hit this on first try because for an image in an svg I bit traced in Inkscape, when opened in LightBurn the original raster was a masked sublayer of the bit trace … confusing me of course :smiley: Finally figured out what happened via trial & error, but with that video it all makes sense now :+1: Nice work guys.

BTW, may I make a suggestion? Perhaps when introducing a major UI change like this you might want to have a tutorial ready before releasing? Maybe also a help pop-up on first open with a link to the tutorial would help alleviate the pain?

My 2cents

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i so agree have a video or some kind of help it a mind bottleling until i seen la hobby guys video ty rich

Normally we would do exactly this (and have hired several people for our content team to make this happen), but we had so much other work pending for the Galvo release videos, documentation, and a trade show to attend, that it fell a few days short.

Our own video introducing sub-layers is now up;


I personally think its an awesome change. It is very easy to use, yes its a couple more button clicks but its so much more powerful, especially for galvo use!

Lightburn/Oz - Tried to send a PM but says your not accepting msgs, so here…

In case you might have interest/need, I have 30+y exp software eng, lead, etc., published Byte, Dr Dobbs, Windows Tech Journal, IBM Redbook, blogs, etc, multiple conference speaking, training, course development, etc. C++, Java, 4GLs, etc, 6809 hacker to Hubble ground system architect, Business/Financial systems & more. Tech Lead, Design, Patterns, UI, Backend and, in previous life, marketing/advertising/layout/photo/airbrush.

Maybe I have skills you’d find useful? Taking time off now doing woodworking & (new!) laser in my new FL house garage, but this is sounds like a project that would interest me greatly.

Send me a PM if interested.
David Van Camp

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I watched the video and found it to be very instructive.
While I’m very new to lasers and lightburn and don’t even use fill & line when the time comes I’ll watch Rich’s video again and don’t anticipate any problems in getting it to work.
I find all his videos very complete and easy to follow and work along with him.
Good Luck!

I’m not sure why this is such a problem. I have no issues with this whatsoever. Keep up the awesome work!


Works well, watched the video, tried a few dummy burns, no problems at all!
Keep up the good work!

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I haven’t upgraded yet, will do so, this looks fine. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll find useful about it yet, but more flexibility is always nice, and it seems easy enough to use.

There’s no need for PEOPLE TO YELL IN ALL CAPS at the dev who’s still trying to make this software better for all of us. I know my laser cutting experience it vastly improved by Light Burn’s existence, and I’m grateful for it.


it really is not hard.

Wow, the arrogance of the LightBurn Staff is really apparent here. Customers’ concerns be damned. A fundamental characteristic of a truly powerful program is that simple things are simple to do, but you can drill down to do powerful things if you need that. In a number of places LightBurn comes up short in this regard. Some customer sensitivity training is sorely needed.

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For those who were befuddled by the change from Fill+Line to layers, count me in. I had to look it up too. That took all of a minute. I immediately started using the new sublayer feature, and I won’t be looking back as it’s just fine. I am also intrigued with the new Offset Fill method, which might be great in its own right.

When software stays the same over time, it’s called staleware. Any decent software package (like LightBurn) will have regular updates and improvements.

You guys need to stop with the “I liked it the old way” complaints, quit your whining, and get with the program. You’re being given new tools and are dismissing them because OMG you might have to learn something new. In that case, Windows 98 is waiting for your return.

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