Please Help:- Art Library Offset Issue

Hi All

I am having an issue develop which is strange. When i drag an item from my art library, one of the layers seems to be offset, to the right, by a few mm. This happens with different files within the art library. When i load a file from the file menu, it seems fine but when i drag from the art library, onto the workspace, the result is different. This just started happening. It seems to happen when i use fints within the graphic. Any ideas?


Are you possibly using HSpace with Text in the design? If so, that may be the cause as it seems there may be a change in behavior there.

Thanks for your reply. Yes i am using H Space but it seems like more of a bug in lightburn than any settings i might have. It only started to do this recently and when i hover over the image in the preview of the art library, the text looks centred. Its only when i drag it onto the workspace, that it shifts the text.

Yes. It’s not something you’ve changed. There’s been either a regression or a change in behavior that may be causing this. I’d suggest reverting back to 1.4.05 if this is a show stopper or manually adjust position if that works for you in the meantime until the LightBurn folks have a chance to take a closer look.

Thanks. I can probably get by until there is a fix, but it is pretty annoying… Hopefully someone from Lightburn sees this.

There are LB folks already aware.

Thanks again for your reply.

I think i have narrowed it down to a “text” problem… It is affecting all my artwork that has text in it…

Can i ask how to roll back to 1.4.05 please? Is it just a case of installing that version on top of the one i have installed? If so, how do i get the older lightburn version?

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

I thought that was already established. It will affect any text that is using HSpace adjustments with X middle or right alignment.

Download any older version and install on top of the existing installation.