Please help troubleshoot my Laser


I have just received a new Falcon 10w laser engraver, The first one I received I set up witin 30 minuted and was engraving no problem. I just received a new one, set it up and went to start catching up on orders and im getting an error code "gpio_isr_handler_remove(480): GPIO isr service is not installed, call gpio_install_isr_service() firste[0m " The engraver will home fine, move, and fire, But it stops working FEW SECONDS AFTER I START ANY ENGRAVING/CUT. Anybody have any suggestions? I need to get these orders done, I don’t have time to wait for another machine…

This is generally an indication the USB connection is failing, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors.

A good checklist:

That’s written for Sculpfun lasers, but the USB problems seem common to all desktop diode lasers.

This could be a symptom of a firmware concern.

These messages are from your controller. If you get these instead of connection messages we have to dig deeper.

Grab a good magnifying glass or a good close-up camera and attempt to identify the processor chip on the control board. It’s probably an STM-32. With the processor information we can track the error messages back to their cause.

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