Please stop telling me this!

I am SOOOO tired of people telling me what Lightburn CAN’T do on other platforms! How can you form an opinion on something you don’t even know how to use?

Will I have to be making videos for the rest of my life?
Lightburn College is in session…


Nice :slight_smile:
I learned something new today.


Great, thanks for your efforts once again. Always happy to learn something new.

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Thanks for the great video and information!

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Another wonderful contribution @richfaraone. Thank you.

To assist and offer clarity, LightBurn allows the use of any shape, or group of shapes as a mask, as you show. This set of masking shapes can also be assigned to any single ‘Line’ layer, including a Tools Layer. One could use the mask shape group for cutting out the material, as in this example. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the clarification Rick!

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Great Tutorial, Thanks so much.


My pleasure. My channel is now dedicated to Lightburn techniques.


Hi Richard, I enjoy your nice videos (now much more - without music ;-)) There are always plenty of ways to do things, also in LightBurn that’s why I think they are so interesting and they are nicely made, it can be a great help for LightBurn users, Thanks

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So that’s where they put those bottoms.
I continue to be amazed by Lightburn.
Keep making these videos…

Nice simple video! Thanks for putting it out there. I’m a big Photoshop user and really like to see how you can use masks in other products. Lovin’ Lightburn!

  • Gary

Rich is quickly proving his mastery of Lightburn. I always look forward to seeing his posts in certain groups on the book of faces.

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Thanks Jess… I appreciate the accolades. You guys are learning with me!

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Great video, thanks for your hard work.
I look forward to the next tutorial, so much to learn in Lightburn, fantastic software.

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That said, Lightburn is still completely useless at cooking bacon in my SmartFridge. Honestly, I can’t even get it to load.


Great video! Thanks for sharing this information !

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Have you tried turning it off, then turning it back on again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Awesome! I had no idea you could do this! Thanks for the tips, just opened up a whole new world!

We have gotten pretty good at hiding things in plain sight. :wink: - Adjust Image Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

This, folks may have missed. This intro shows what’s ‘Coming soon: New Features in 0.9.21’:

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