(PLZ REPLY)What is the speed:power ratio for a 5.5 watt optical power laser?

(PLZ REPLY)What is the speed:power ratio for a 5.5 watt optical power laser? i am using a jiccoda le-1. i am going for a light engraving effect like this one Larger Inspirational Personalized Quote Sign Wood 8 X 5 - Etsy

There are several vairables to the question, the biggest influence is the material you are working on. Density, color and moisture content is different in every piece of wood, even in the same type of wood.

You can adjust:

  1. Engraver travel speed
  2. Laser power
  3. Line density
  4. Number of times the same cut is made - the more times the deeper the cut.

You also can add a treatment to the wood like Borax water. Once dry, the Borax water will cause the wood to have a much darker burn on fewer passes or less laser power.

It takes some trial and error to dial in your settings.

Ok, i need this cut perfect on the first time. for plywood (not sure about moisture or stuff like that) what would you say for a good light engraving

I will not guess for you. You need to get a scrap piece of plywood and test.

Get too much heat and you will leave smoke residue behind.

Again, get a small piece of plywood and test out different settings. It does not have to be the whole art work - just a little text or small picture. For my bamboo I use 40-70% power and 1200-2000 mm per minute and 2-4 passes for depth control.


who said anything about bamboo?

EXACTLY! I use bamboo for most of my artwork. I told you I will not and cannot guess what you need for the plywood. It is your job to take the information offered and apply it to your needs.

I can cut your food and feed it to you bite by bite, but you still have to put the effort in to chew it up and swallow.

alright… i just dont have any scraps.
I get what your saying though.

btw, do you use the ortur laser master 2?

Yes, I have the Laser Master Pro 2 for 3 years.

Don’t forget, wood has two sides. For my wall art in the kitchen, I tested on the backside. Noone ever sees the back of it.

ok, thanx. this is a two sided project, so testing on the back wont work.

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