PNG logo tracing too faint

Sorry, complete newbie here. I have been sent a logo to try and engrave onto suede but when I import the PNG and then trace, some of the text is not tracing through properly and therefore not engraving either. Is there an alternative way to get this to come through to LB as it should be in the PNG? Thanks in advance, Jayne

A couple of considerations:

  1. Does the PNG need to be traced? Is the design something that can be engraved directly from the raster?
  2. Have you tried using the various adjustments in the Trace tool to see if you can improve the quality of the trace?
  3. If the log is low quality or low contrast you may have a difficult time getting a quality trace from it no matter what you do. Are you able to get a vector version of the logo to get around the whole thing? Or else a higher quality raster if a vector is not an option.

Thank you for reply.
Sorry to ask questions that may seem obvious but what is a raster? Is this something I can do myself? Can I turn a PNG into a raster or Vector myself?
I’ve not played around with the trace adjustments, I didn’t know this was an option so I will take a look.
Thanks again fir your help

Can you post it for us to examine?

Just drop the .lbrn2 file on the reply window or use the upload icon download-icon-background in the tool bar.


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Nish.lbrn2 (175.3 KB)

Thanks Jack, can you see this?

Its the “By Nish” that is not coming through properly, thanks

A raster image is an image made up of a grid of pixels. PNG is in fact a raster file type. Vector graphics, in contrast, are not stored as individual pixels but are stored as mathematical formulas that represent the curves and lines of the image. The rectangles and circles and in fact the trace that you created are all vector graphics.

This will allow you to fine-tune how the trace is performed. The options and tools in the trace tools while simple are fairly flexible and powerful. Worth exploring.

Are you able to upload the original .PNG file? Will be able to give you tips about how to approach the trace or other options.


I’m sorry, I should have asked for the png, sorry, my mistake…

Thanks @berainlb

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Hi both, thanks a lot for your help, this is the PNG file
Kind regards, Jayne

The logo is highly contrasted so would be a pretty good candidate for tracing. However, it’s very low resolution so there’s not much information to trace from. The “BY NISH” portion being gray exaggerates this more.

Are you able to get this in a vector format (.SVG, .AI, or PDF)? Or else ask for a high resolution version of this?

You might be able to get away with burning this as a raster (without tracing) depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

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Thank you. I will speak to the lady and ask if she has a vector file. I appreciate all of your help, thanks

I got a decent trace. I did 3 different traces without moving the image.