Pointer Offset Negative Value

I have two problems . . .

  1. I have been trying to use pointer offset in the device settings but Lightburn generates an error on Start if I enter a negative value in the Y axis setting. This happens even if the laser head is placed well within the work area. I’ve seen this done in a YouTube video using Lightburn and my same make/model laser engraver.

  2. I executed one material burn test but all subsequent attempts error out at 36% for being “out of bounds” regardless of the starting position. What can I check?

It’s likely you’re not following one or both of the two conditions:

  1. Homing the laser prior to each session
  2. Avoiding moving the laser by hand after homing. Use jogging controls exclusively.

If either of these conditions are not met then the controller is losing position and unable to work properly. Try again while following these conditions.

I just discovered the movement control window. Will give this a try but its not easy seeing the head from the computer. I wish there was some kind of joystick accessory I could attach to do this.

Some lasers offer the ability to attach an offline controller screen. Perhaps that or a wireless keyboard could offer you some flexibility.

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