Pointer Section Behavior Inside an Object ( with other objects)

I am trying to use the selection tool using a left select ( green box to select anything the box touches). However - Envision this object… I have a 2 ovals which I used to make and outline ( so it will fill a 1mm thick outline ) On the inside I have a logo made up of a bunch of different objects. I want to center the objects in the oval so I was trying to use the green select to select everything I touch. Well before upgrading to 1.04 ( from .9x ) I was able to do this no problem. Now every time i click inside that oval to start the selection box and drag to draw the box it selects the inside outline oval and moves it. I’m guessing this was to make object selection easier and not have to click on the line but now it is preventing me from selection objects on the inside. I have to change the layer of the outline, hide it and then I can do the work which doesn’t help when I want to center them. I’ll be moving back to the old version until this is fixed because I do that centering on just about everything I make.

Sorry to hear you have issues with LightBurn but the issue itself is a bit confusing to me. Could you upload your file here for inspection?

Here is a video showing what I believe to be a bug https://imgur.com/0FrKCZa
and this is the file networkinteriors.lbrn2 (43.7 KB)

You’ll notice on maybe fill items when i’m clicking the center of the object to select items in the middle - it moves the item, but on a line item it allows me to. I’m pretty sure in the earlier version they all behaved the same.

I brought up our older version and noticed that the new version had rendering. when I turn that off it behaves as normal. ( so maybe not a bug - just an artifact of that option) Although it is annoying.

When you group the 2 outer rings, they behave “normal” again.
(I hope I understood your problem correctly.)

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Sorry I maybe didn’t explain it that well. I’m not trying to move the outer ring. I’m trying to select the logo detail inside of the outer ring. Instead of selecting it moves the ring ( one piece or both pieces) The video shows what I try to do. I’m trying to grab through the select tool that selects everything the box i create touches select->drag left on the zig zag designs. Not trying to move the ring.

with filled view you have to press the shift key then you can click on left mouse button and select all the logo inside the inner ring, or part of it like this

ah ok. that’s what I didn’t know.

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