Polyethylene Foam

I’m wanting to cut some Polyethylene for some tool inserts in my woodshop. Does anyone have a suggestion where to purchase large sheets of this stuff at a reasonable price? I have a panel saw and cut it down. I think I need a thickness of 1 1/8" and 2 inches.

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might be handy to know what country you are in.

google probably knows best

Good Point. Thank you. I live the USA (Michigan) .

There are a number of threads here on ‘foam’…

Check out this one and just ask’em… they are using thicker foam, but the concept is the same.


The fabric stores usually have soft foam so folks can make cushions. Hard foam would be home centers.

McMaster-Carr sells PE foam in large sheets but the shipping to MI from Chicago would probably kill you. If you are SW MI and need a lot, the drive might be worth the cost and time.

I would suggest two layers, A thinner layer on the bottom, maybe 1/8" or 3mm, then a thicker layer on top with the tool cutouts. Stacked makes a nice cushioned pocket for the tools. For very thin tools. cut an additional profile from the thinner material and place in the bottom of the cutout to raise the base.

Camping sleep pads.
Foam “puzzle mats” for the floor

There are also adhesive-backed PE foam sheet stock available and I’ve used those in the past to make composite tool liners - a solid bottom sheet and an upper sheet with cavities cut for the tooling.