Polygons within a polygon

I am trying to create a honeycomb type coaster. I am struggling to find a way of deleting the small polygons that have strayed over the main polygon shape.
I have searched for polygons with no success.
I have tried theedit nodeswith little success. I think my problem is i am not using or do not understand the correct terms for searching. Once i have found how to stop the inner polygons at the main outer on I will then use the offset shapes to place another poygon 5 mm outside of the border polygon.Is there a quick way of making the inner honey comb effect? I made this by making a small polygon and then using offset , i then duplicate every time and tried to line up with each other, with not the best success

Many thanks for reading

Group all the small polygons. Then select both the large polygon and the group of smaller ones and press the “Boolean Subtract” button.

Thank you very much for your reply Tom, very helpful indeed

To assist with building this, I would look to Offset, Grid Array and Boolean tools, You should not be required to use Node Edit to complete as you’d like.

We have sections for each in our documentation along with videos on these topics as well, worth review.

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