Poor camera accuracy with Ortur Lasermaster and non lightburn camera

I am a woodturner and I have an Ortur Lasermaster set up to etch the bottoms of wooden bowls that I have made. I have a 5mp camera mounted directly over the centre of the laser working bed on a home made “gallows”. The gallows is pretty rigid and does not appear to move yet I am having huge accuracy problems despite having recalibrated the lens and the alignment multiple times. accuracy is quite important and I need it to be around 0.5mm and at the moment the nearest I can get is around 0.5 - 1 cm offset from the camera image. I have checked out the existing posts on accuracy and cannot find any potential answers. Can anyone help? I would post a photo but I cannot find a way to do it

i have a Logitech C930e webcam mounted about 70 cm high, at first try i was getting about 3mm offset :(, i redid the lens calibration as non-fisheye and redid the 4 corner scans about 3 times ensuring the + where as center as i could figure out on the zoomed blurred image. Now i seem to have narrowed the error to about 1mm - make sure the camera is perfectly aligned flat with the top plane… if i can get it to work well this will be really interesting for cutting out embroidery patch right off the hoop.

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