Poor engraving - Ortur Laster Master 2 PRO

Hello everyone,

I instal the Lightburn on the new computer, in the past my results for the photos engraving were pretty fine, but now I am tottaly lost and the result are terrible. I have used the same settings, also inside of the Lightburn, only one change is. That on my old PC I had version 1.0.0, now I have 1.0.04.

Unfortunately if I connect my Ortur Laster Master 2 back into the old PC, It is bad aswell, really dont understand what is going on right now.

Is anyone please able to help me? Maybe I have something wrong in my setup, I really checked a lot of videos, tutorials, trying to fix it on my own more than a week so maybe I made something wrong there


Thank you everyone, sorry for potential spam, but I am really lost. Appraciate every single help.

Left now, right before switch on another PC.

might be wrong but isnt the right and left one engraved in different directions?

Checked the pictures and videos from the past. Direction is still the same, unfortunately.

I can also see that if my laser power is less than 80% there is nothing on the wood visible.

@LightBurn sorry for bother you, but on my new laptop I used licence “frial” should I connect it with my exist account already? Can be there something that you are able to see that I already had trial on this IP address and needs to go for full version to have best performance?

I have clened the lense and also update FMW. Tried all LB versions, issue is still there. But now I have new thing, sometimes when I started it started to burn but not moving, needs to do it again. Can by my diode defective guys?

One thing I’ve picked up is that the grain of the wood is different - and that will make a difference.

It does look as though you have some movement issues, but I think that will be the laser controller rather than the software. Try checking all connections are good, look at how the USB cable and power connection is routed and that the laser can move freely in all directions.

I have the same wood all time (poplar).

My machine is still on the same place, just different PC used. In the past it was connected into thunderbolt via USBC reduction, noe I am connected to USB 3.1. But I didnt found that someone complain about it, so I think that it doesnt matter and also I believe that USB 2.0 will be suported as well.

In the power I have also connected TV and XBOX, but it was in the past also, do you think that I should try to let only laser inside?

And thanks a lot for your reply.

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