Poor performance, Boss LS-3655, 150 W

I have noticed that the laser performance has greatly decreased in regards to power. I am having to slow the speed down and increase power significantly to get marginal results.

I have performed the beam alignment and focus depth procedures and changed to a new lens multiple times.

Replaced the beam combiner lens.

Below are the resistor test results;

  • Step 13: while pushing the test button on the power supply the mA meter is 43.8 mA.
  • Step 15: while pushing the test button on the power supply the mA meter acted strange, first pulse 4 mA, second 30.5 mA, third 30 mA, fourth 30.5 mA and subsequent pulses averaged 30.5 mA.

Seems like something is intermittent, is this an indication of the tube going bad?

  • Mirrors are in excellent condition, no damage or deformation and very clean. Performed the entire alignment process again.

  • Auto-Focus distance may be off. Verified

  • Settings (Power % & Speed) need to be the appropriate power/speed. Verified

  • Table leveling may be needed as the table may be misaligned. Verified and made adjustment.

  • Made new files and sent to machine and from LB, no change.

  • Temperature should consistently be between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit while running. Verified 68°F

Jumped out chiller, no change.

Adjusted door safety switch no change.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge in solving the issue.


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