Poor start quality at lower power settings

No problem, but please note: this test is designed to test performance at low power so should be run at 25 or 30%. If you run the test now and again in the same material after you change the tube you will be able to compare the tube performance.

I’ll do that. Thank you.

Thankyou, that is a very interesting result! - but I am confused by the “No Offset adjustment” comment since I had expected that to have been calibrated and enabled.

What difference does it make when enabled? and what is your setting for 400mm/s?

As you can tell the laser knows where it is and the offset is very close when you look at the 45% or 50%. Offset is set for the speed of the laser and not the power, as I understand it. If you add any offset, the square boxes will have lines in them and the outside edges will not have a nice start stop.